Wednesday, May 21, 2008

still working on dresses, it seems sometimes this place is completely taken over by bellydance! the photo above is one of the very first wedding dresses i sewed completely alone, and even did the beadwork, and it came back in for alterations after a bride bought it. it was very shopworn though, and needed much t.l.c. and extensive alterations, because she was much smaller than the dress was! it is now on it's way to korea for the wedding!
i tore up the work room again reason was to paint my cutting table. it needed sanding very badly, and i painted it in an attempt to reduce snagging. the silk sometimes would find a rough edge and get little snags...not a good thing, especially if the dress is a $8,000. dress! i had the edges duct taped up, and it looked pretty awful! these colors pick up the colors in the walls and the curtains. if you hate these colors, my bedroom is painted in these colors too! i love them! also, the rolling rack that i hang the dresses awaiting alterations was filled to capacity and started falling over again. if you have been around awhile, last year at this time the same thing happened, except the thing broke completely and had to be replaced! well, this time, hubby took matters in hand...
i have a better rack! ( i like saying that! lol!) he built one right onto the wall, and the dresses hang freely and there will have to be a waaaaay lot of dresses to get bunched up also! how cool is that!? i will have to do a post totally on the stuff hubby builds...he's a pretty handy/crafty guy!
so i also have room to practice with the girls and we have mirrors to see how we look while dancing. works pretty good for fittings too, even though i don't have a whole lot that come to the house. there, you can see the wall color how that works with the table color. well, for some people...i have some family members that kinda hate my color choices! i guess it's good those family members don't live here!
one more dress that i recently was much too small to fit on my dress form 'zoe', so i just took a closeup of the really sparkles much prettier in person, my photography skills are much lacking! this is one of the dresses i took a shot of with my cell phone, back when it first when it came into the store...i wanted to make a costume with beadwork like this...maybe someday! to many costumes, too little time!


rochambeau said...

Hey there Belly Dancing Queen standing in your rooms filled with Belly Dancing Finery!!! Just stopping by to say hi! have you considered having a table cover akin to one that goes on a dining room table or a fabric cloth that has elastic on the edges that can go over the whole thing.

Your dress looks divine!

Bemused Boomer said...

Lots of activity going on over your way, as usual. I love peacock colors, too. And I'm glad you have a bigger rack (many other women wish they could say that, too!)