Sunday, May 04, 2008

well, i did it! here i am, doing my first solo performance, with a big cheesy smile, and i was shaking like a leaf! i did o.k, i think. i haven't seen the video of it yet, but my daughter took this photo, and my instructor, melody, took video, so we shall see (maybe tomorrow) how it really looked! everyone was very nice and supportive, and said i did good, and that they couldn't see how very nervous i was. i only switched my mind about my costume three times last week, before saturday night of the performance! and i think i only left out one part of the choreography, so i had a little time where i was ahead of the music, but i had practiced it so much, that i had it happen several times where i had time left over, so i had a move to 'fill' the unexpected "oops, i forgot something" part! i just did hip circles until the music was where i was. and i got flowers from my instructor for doing my first solo, how sweet was that!


J. Rosemary Moss said...

Gratz on your first performance! The outfit looks gorgeous.

My sister-in-law has gotten me into bellydancing--but I'm just starting, so no performing yet, lol. But someday!


Mishmash ! said...

hey congatss :)
I wish I could see ur performance.....!!!

cinderelly said...

j.rosemary~ thank you! it took me two years to start performing! just have fun till you feel like it too!

shn~ thank you! my instructor joked that she was putting the video on youtube...if she really does, i'll give you a link!

tlc illustration said...

Congrats and good for you! You are very brave and how great that it is something you enjoy so much.

Here's hoping for sun and spring to fully come!

rochambeau said...

Bravo!! A Solo! I want a Youtube!! Guess what? one of my moms friends is doing belly dancing following on a tv program. My mom is making her an outfit for her birthday. I told my mom to look at you for inspiration.

Hope you are well and CONGRATULATIONS for flying solo. You go girl!

your blog looks nice too!

ambika said...

Congrats! You look fabulous! We need vid!

Bemused Boomer said...

Yes, I agree with the rest of your fans--YouTube is definitely in order!

Kudos on your courage and perserverance. It's very cool that you're having a great time with it now!