Saturday, July 12, 2008


last night was the stevie wonder concert.! it was sooooo good! we missed his entrance, 'cause we were buying t-shirts for hubby and my daughter that did not go. but it was so cool and a little surreal to be somewhere that stevie wonder was just right THERE and singing so wonderfully! no pun intended...just no other word works as well! i had heard that the venue, the white river amphitheater, was not the best for listening to music, that the acoustics were terrible, but it sounded really great. he sang a lot of the old favorites, and his beautiful daughter, aisha, was a backup singer for him. then, she came out and sang a song by herself, and then right after, he sang 'isn't she lovely' the song he wrote about her when she was a little girl, and i was a mess! that song has a special place in the heart for me, as hubby made a video montage of my daughter when she was a baby, and set it to that song. she is the one that did not go, and we brought her back a t-shirt that says 'isn't she lovely' on the front, and 'isn't she wonderful' on the back. it probably is nowhere near as good as being able to go to the concert, but it was something!

we will be going back to the white river amphitheater in september, to see another of my favorites, carlos santana! yes, that is him in the photo below. and the girl in the middle... is my lovely daughter! (i made her dress!) she went with her friend, the man on the left, to the quincy jones tribute a couple months back. the friend just happened to be quincy's nephew. he is how she got to go to the tribute in the first place. so she not only got to meet quincy jones, they got to hang out before the event, and then again later, and that's when she met carlos santana. not just met him, they hung out too, and did tequila shots! how cool would THAT be!!!?!!! it seems the dresses i work on get to meet more famous people than i do! that's okay, i don't know what to do when you meet famous folk...i wouldn't want to seem a fool, so maybe it's a good thing i never meet any!


rochambeau said...

Your daughter is beautiful Cindy!
(her dress you designed,looks parfait on her too).So happy you had fun at Stevie Wonder! He seems like such an excellent person. I also admire Quincey Jones very much.

My brother used to play guitar in a band with Carlos S., before he started his band Santana. They went to the same high school.

Hope all is well in the world of Belly Dancing and sewing!


Bemused Boomer said...

It's OK not to know what to say when you meet famous performers. Hey, they're performers for Pete's sake--all they require is admiring gazes!

Glad you had fun. Your daughter looks like a young Marissa Tomei in this photo, only prettier (and better dressed!)