Wednesday, August 27, 2008

just hi

i thought i would let you know about the new thing in the sidebar...i have a couple more places where you can find me! the myspace i have had up for a while, but just didn't have it linked to here. the other, "etsy raqs team" has to do with the esty shop, and is a team that i joined of other ladies that have bellydance related etsy shops. i put up a post there tonight to say "hi!".

this weekend i am going to be going with two of my children to celebrate my grandmother's 90th birthday! and together with that, my aunt and uncle will also celebrate 50 years of marriage. i think it will just be fun to travel with my kids...they are grown now, and we don't get to be together very often, just 'us' together. it would be great if all three could go, but the youngest has to work, and won't be going with us. we are planning to go see something i have wanted to see very much ever since i was a kid, "the winchester mystery house"! this is a photo of one of the many stained glass windows in the house. the highlighted links will take you to sites that will tell you more about this very interesting and supposedly haunted site!

i used to see the commercials about it as a kid, and always asked if we could go, but we never did. and then as a grown up, it didn't seem all that important to go see it, i always thought 'someday'...but then we moved out of the area! and then at one point, there was a fire in the house, and i feared i would never get to see it! (the damage wasn't devastating to the structure though.) so, when we were making plans to go for my grandmother's birthday, my daughter said, "we should go to the winchester mystery house while we are in cali...that would be so cool!" i thought, "yes, it would!", so we are! i'll take pictures while we are there...maybe i'll get a ghostly picture! if nothing else, i will definately get some interesting architecture and garden pictures, as the grounds have lovely landscaping.


ButtercupElffly said...

I so want to see this house.. it looks like such fun!!!


Amy said...

I have researched the house and I would love to go see it (probably will never get the chance) so I would love to see any photos you may take!!!