Monday, August 11, 2008

me at medfest!

o.k., here they are, a couple pics of me from medfest! here i am posing for a photo in my costume while the makeup was still fresh and the hair still looked curled! i needed a photo to give my friend dena for the shop...she has a display with my business cards and a little blurb about me and needed a photo, so that's the reason for the goofyiness!
and here i am, right after we finished performing, posing again for a shot with my lovely daughter.


tlc illustration said...

You look like you couldn't be enjoying yourself more. :-)

(Are you doing the hula/belly dance thing at Country Village this weekend?)

Bemused Boomer said...

You are totally glorious, my dear!

BTW, I had to surpress a giggle at the abbreviated name of the Mediterranean Festival. "Medfest" sounds like a party for pharmaceutical salespeople!

cinderelly said...

tara ~ i am going to the hula hafla! i will take the workshop earlier in the day and will hang out to watch the dancing later...i'm am not in the lineup though. (it is an awesome lineup of dancers performing though!) if you go and see me, say hi! i'll keep an eye out for you!

susan ~ thanks! ha, ha, i never made THAT connection, that is hilarious!

Elizabeth said...

You look beautiful red is so good on stage! Where was Medfest? Maybe I'll go next year.

erikachiquis said...

You look beautiful!!