Saturday, August 02, 2008

while i have been so busy with the bridal stuff, i have not completely put the bellydance sewing aside. i posted a little while back about my desire for a peacock costume, and put out this inspiration photo with the beads and fabric i am thinking of using.
then, i came across an old beaded dress at a thrift shop and bought it, thinking i could use the beadwork for a costume. i thought maybe for the peacock costume, but when i put it on the fabric covered belt, it looked o.k...but just o.k. i wanted it to look great, 'cause this puppy is gonna take a lot of work! here is the beadwork laid out on the belt i already had covered in fabric for the peacock colors.then, i dug through my stash of fabrics, and found some purple satin that i had left over from making a whole bunch of harem pants a long while back. when i put it under the beadwork from the dress, the purples in the beads comes up really nicely, and it looks very good!
this photo doesn't show the purple color very well, it is a much richer color in person. i had a belt started from long ago, when i first started bellydance, and it was covered in black velvet. i took it apart, and covered it in the purple satin, and also covered a bra. so here they are, ready to get the beadwork attached. i like the purple iridescent fabric in the background for a skirt but there isn't enough and i bought it during halloween...maybe i will get lucky and find more like it! i haven't totally decided yet, but i may add some green and gold beads to this, and make it a little 'mardi gras' colors. however, i have some chiffon that is fuschia and purple that would make a pretty skirt, that looks very nice with the costume so far, with just with these colors. then i wouldn't do any additional colors of beads, maybe some fuschia sequins that i have. while fuschia sounds kind of weird when you see these photos, the blue in the background of the beadwork disappears when it is on the shows up very much in these pictures.

well, we shall see how it goes...i have 5 hours into this so far, so now when i see the costumes that are 500 bucks, i will be thinking, "yeah, now i know why it's that expensive!". i just don't have $500 laying around, though!


rochambeau said...

A labor of love, but a fun and creative one at that. Plus you'll be the "Belle" of the Belly Dancing Ball when you give it the "debut"!!
The reason I reinvent most of my clothes. For the same reason you stated here. It makes me happy to wear original things. I feel like me. I admire your talent.
Ps I needed a bandaid the other day.
It's still on.
Part of life!


Jewels said...

You will be the cutest Peahen in the house! I agree with your statement about the $500 ensembles, but I can't fathom paying that when I look at them and see sooooo many mistakes and shoddy material quality. Looks like you're making yourself a $1000 outfit! ;)

Fantastic work Cinders, as usual. U still up for a swap? I'm still hankering for my very own stretchy velour, super poofy black harem pants! :D


cinderelly said...

constance ~ hee, hee! i could have given you a fairy or superhero bandaid! (hope it wasn't to bad of an injury!)

jewels ~ hi! i had forgotten all about our swap! (i have found i'm swap-deficient...i'm very flaky!) i am coming out from under the crazy workload, so we could still try and do that!