Monday, September 29, 2008

my mom recently had a birthday, and we got together for a sunday brunch to celebrate. i made tortillas the day before for breakfast burritos, and also i made some velvet cupcakes. while i was making the cupcakes, i had put on a movie. the movie i had going was 'the shining', and when i was mixing up the batter for the cupcakes, it seemed rather appropriate! look at the red in this batter! ewwww! anyway, here is the lovely view from my mom's deck, you can see the ferries coming and going from is really awesome in the morning!
i had to take a picture of this little guy. we had a cookie jar just like this when i was a kid! my mom sold the original one at a garage sale, but i have been looking for one for a while now, and my mom found this one somewhere and bought it. someday i will find one too! however, sometimes they are beyond my price range, or they are not in good condition. mine is out there somewhere though. he is so cute!
we had our brunch at my sister's house, and then went to my mom's house to pick her over-abundant crop of tomatoes, and also some of her overgrown carrot crop. some were just enormous, but i picked this giant mutant carrot and brought it home. it was good for not just one meal, but two!
then, on the ferry ride home, someone had done a very nice thing and put paper cups of pretty flowers on many of the tables on the ferry. that was a nice little surprise!

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