Saturday, October 18, 2008


today i pulled all the halloween stuff out of storage, the dead bride and all my costumes. i was kind of surprised at the number of costumes i have, and some i had forgotten about! i bought a cool hooded velvet coat at value village last year for 6 bucks...totally forgot i had it! it is pretty nice, made of real velvet and lined in satin. i may decide to use it as a bellydance coverup during the year! however, the boxes were in an area of the basement that is pretty musty smelling, and all the costumes have a musty smell. i hung them in the laundry room and fired up some strawberry incense in there. if that doesn't work, i will try another bellydancer trick that i keep hearing about, but haven't yet had to try. apparently a mixture of water and vodka (more vodka than water!) in a spray bottle, when spritzed on the garment, will take away smells in costumes that cannot be laundered. i haven't had that problem yet, and hopefully i can test it on these, and not my more expensive costumes! if it doesn't work...well, then we will have to make bloody marys!

my son and his girls will come over tomorrow, and i tried to put up a few spiders and halloweenie stuff, but i can't put the graveyard out yet. the dead bride and the headstones just don't do well in the weather, and well, we live in the pacific WILL rain between now and halloween! maybe i can get the "arachniphobia" porch set up to get into the halloween spirit, as the babies are going to bring their pumpkins to carve into jack 'o lanterns. we won't be able to see them the weekend of halloween, so this will have to do for our halloween, just a little early.

isn't he scary?!


Erika's Chiquis said...

The pumpkins and that lighted bride are cool.

tlc illustration said...

I have a cloak too that I can't quite bring myself to wear. Feels...presumptuous? (I don't 'dress up' much. Doesn't really go with jeans).

Let me know if you use the vodka/water approach. We struggle with *anything* that's been stored smelling unpleasantly musty.

SilverSunbeam said...

TLC... cloaks over jeans are tre fabulous!

If the vodka thing doesn't work shut them up in a small space with a tray of vinegar for a few days. It removes cat pee smells and I bet it would work for musty too.

Enjoying the picies!

cinderelly said...

erika ~ thanks!

tara ~ yes, the incense took the mustiness down a bit, but not completely (i have a sensitive nose) there was another idea mentioned in comments abut vinegar, i will try is cheaper than vodka! ;]

silversunbeam ~ i will try the vinegar approach...then the vodka if it still smells! glad you are enjoying the pics!

Jewels said...

Trust, the Vodka trick has always worked best for any show costumes.