Wednesday, October 08, 2008

do you make any fun goodies to eat for halloween? my kids used to like to have something 'halloweenie' for dinner before going out to trick or treat. most times it was spaghetti and meatballs a.k.a. "guts and eyeballs"! the spaghetti with sauce was the guts and the eyeballs were meatballs with a green olive in it! here is a fun website that has a lot of interesting ideas for halloweenie foods. some are pretty creative, and the site has pictures of everything too! i think i would like to try the 'bat wings', (buffalo chicken type wings) the 'creepy witches fingers' (cookies) and the 'freshly flayed flesh on ectoplasm crusts' (crackers with cream cheese and smoked salmon...mmm!) i also promisied my kids we would make creepy crawly jello shots...uh, my 'kids' are all grown ups, in case you are wondering! that website for the jello shots also has other halloween themed drinks too. (also for grownups, though)
i found the adorable painting of the skelly tea party on the website, but i don't know who the artist is...isn't it just too cute?!


Amanda Button said...

Here's a gruesome one for ya!

Gross, and yet so awesome!

It's the best time of the year at last!!!!

cinderelly said...

amanda ~ that drink, 'brain hemorage' does sound gross, but i think it will be delicious! i'm thinking i will try it along with our creepy, crawly jello shots! it IS the best time of year!

rochambeau said...

Thanks for the link Cinderelly!!

Can't wait to check it out now!!!!!