Thursday, October 09, 2008

fun pumpkin carving site

this pumpkin is one that my daughter did last year. she got a subcription to a site called "zombie pumpkins" and printed this stencil to make this witch from 'snow white'. for a few bucks, your subscription allows you to print out as many stencils as you want, to make some cool jack 'o lanterns! (i think there really is a limit, but it is so many you would prolly never be able to use them!) i made frankie (in a previous post) and my mommy made the mummy! some of them were way more involved that i cared to go into for a pumpkin that would rot in a few days, but would have looked really cool if i had the patience!
there are other fun things on the site too, and there is a page that shows ideas that people had that they used the stencils for other that pumpkins! i like seeing people's creativity running wild!


small excavator said...

very nice! hahahahaha

cinderelly said...

small excavator ~ thanks!