Monday, October 27, 2008

fun halloweenie fabrics and website

well, sometimes i have to go to the fabric store and buy thread or maybe a zipper for an alteration or other i come out with ONLY the zipper or the thread i need? NEVER! here are some of the latest items to follow me home! this bunch of cute halloween fabrics came home with me last month...

here is a closeup of one of them. (if you click on the picture, it gets really big and you can see the funny details!) it was just too cute to not get some of it! i just love it! here they all are, the mummy, mr. hyde, bride of frankenstein, a witch, etc. and they are all having cocktails! my daughter wants a quilt, but not necessarily for halloween, (thank goodness!) just for all year round! our house is a little chilly, so we keep our blankies out on the sofas to wrap up and watch t.v. with.

i know there will be enough to make an apron like the ruffle one on this pattern. i have wanted one like this for some time! it will also have to wait for after halloween...good thing that skulls and skellies are in use around our house all year round!

i go to this website every-so-often... cut out and keep, and it has some really cute crafty ideas. i have a couple of my items on there, my beer margaritas and the pink wrist warmers i knitted a while back. they have an e-zine called snippets, and it's theme this month is "dia de los muertos". i found a few cute things in the issue. my favorites were baking with medusa, a very interesting lady and i found she has a really cute blog too!

my other favorite thing in the issue was this one, about velvet moon bathery, and i went to the website and i think i want some perfume now! the website is just beautiful too. the picture above is from there...that is one of the perfume collection pictures, isn't it great?!

i have been working on costumes too...halloween ones, and bellydance as well. the halloween ones are almost done, one for my daughter and an alteration for someone who is going to be poison ivy for halloween. my daughter is going to be selena, in a white costume like the one she wears in the movie. she made the beaded top herself, but i am making her the white pants.

as for the bellydance costumes, they are going to be for a two weeks! i took a photo of a part that is finished, but it is still in the camera. i will give you sneak peek at what i have so far when i get it into the computer. i'll tease you a lee-tle bit. black and red, flamenco inspired, and with liquid gold and glitter-dot! (i have become totally in LOVE with glitter-dot!) but for now, i must go sew!


Amanda Button said...

Oooh, thank you for pointing out Snippets! And Wicked garden is fantastic!! Great stuff, lovie.

That fabric is hysterical. i can't wait to see the quilt that is born from so much Halloween goodness :)

Erika's Chiquis said...

Your has bad as me with Halloween fabric. I buy like a 1/4 of each and make patchwork pillowcases for myself. I use them year round. I might do a Halloween quilt for myself and it will be used year around. Love to see the costumes bd and halloween.
I took a peek at the sites but will look later as I have a lot of things to do today.