Sunday, November 02, 2008

halloween pics

nope, not my house! pretty spooky though!

this year, instead of making my graveyard, and dressing up and giving out candy to the kiddies, i went to my son's house and dressed up and gave out candy to the kiddies! no one was going to be home at our house, everyone had plans or had to work. so my son, who does and even more elaborate halloween than i do, invited me to come and play with them for halloween. that is him, in the second photo...pretty scary huh! imagine that in the dark!

he sets up a cemetary also, these photos are his handiwork, and he has strobe lights and fog makers and then also a big bonfire in the front for the grownups to warm up while the kids go to the front door...and he scares them! sometimes even the parents get scared and everyone thinks it is just great! we had a ton of food too, like a night-time picnic!

the next-door neighbors got into the act too, making a sort of walk-through, haunted house thing, with a scary butcher, jason, freddy krueger, and other spooky stuff, with real guys that jump out at you! they also had black-lights and strobe lights and fog makers to make everything so very spooky!

here is one of the spooky guys, but the flash on the camera washed it all out, and the spook factor is not in the photo. i did dress as vampira again, but this is the only picture that came out well. so now, only another 363 days till another halloween!


tlc illustration said...

Looks like a fun, scary time. (You go easier on the tiny kids, I suspect?)

cinderelly said...

yes, my daughter-in-law 'reined in' my son for the little guys!

Jo Anne said...

i love your enthusiasm for halloween!