Tuesday, December 30, 2008

i was working on some of these little skirt things (at far left) for my friend's shop, ottoman trading company, and while i was downloading photos, i realized this year i have sewn soooo many things! and i now own an abundance of costumes, some not yet worn even. my favorite is still my first one, shown at the top on the right.
can you believe that tomorrow is already new year's eve? i really can't, and i am excited by the prospect of going to a big party at ottoman too! it will be so much fun, and there are some wonderful dancers scheduled to dance...i feel very humbled to be dancing in the same venue too! i have my costume all clean, and packed, and ready to go, and tomorrow i plan to go help set up. (i went there yesterday and was pretty amazed at the amount of snow piled at the sides of the parking lots!) then, hopefully, i will get a few moments to practice before, but we practiced a few times in the last couple of days and felt good about it...i think we will do well.


Erika's Chiquis said...

There beautiful.
Have a grand time tonight and Happy New Year!!!

Phoenix said...

did you make the belt that is on the green skirt? that is absolutely lovely!

♥ Llew

p.s. thank you for the favorites and nice comments! :oP

cinderelly said...

erika ~ thanks! you have a fabulous time too!

llew ~ thank you, i did make the belt. it got donated at a hafla for dancers that need help due to not having health insurance. i want to make more, because i liked it too!

Xylia said...

Your costumes are gorgeous! I so want to try belly dancing or tribal dance, or something of the sort.

cinderelly said...

xylia ~ you should try it, it is so much fun, and makes you feel good about yourself, and the women you meet are terrific! and you get to dress up when it isn't even halloween!