Monday, December 08, 2008


the purple costume finally got finished! well, i still need to line the top part, but i decided that i wanted to wear it for a performance at ottoman trading company's holiday hafla, so i got it done. i was still sewing on sequins and hook and eyes the morning of the party, how's that for last minute touches! lol! then i put it on with the skirt i made for it and practiced.
i didn't want to find out IN performance that something isn't right! well, good thing because in the choreography there are some hopping steps and the belt kept sneaking up until it was just jumping with me! not good.i pinned the heck out of it to the skirt, and it worked fine, then. here is a pose of me in front of my chrismas tree, all dolled up to go to the party. it looks very blue in that one, but the photo above is closer to the true colors. (a bit blurry though!)
and then here i am, in the middle of my SOLO! did i forget that part? heh, heh! it was fun though, and i felt o.k. about it. how do you like those glitter-dots!? i made the skirt and the little glovie things from glitter-dot fabric...i am so totally in love with this stuff! and i don't even care if it is supposed to be so tacky or not! too bad they don't make it in white, i would love to make a glitter-dot wedding gown! lol!oh yeah, back to the performance! the last one, i didn't feel very good about at first. i watched video of our performance, and my partner was terrific. but i wasn't really happy about mine. it was a long time since the one before it, (in july, for medfest) so i was very nervous and it showed a bit. but after i watched it again with a friend, it realized it wasn't sooo bad. after doing a solo it makes getting up and performing with someone else so much easier. our duet, latin spice, will be doing another performance at the ottoman trading company new year's eve party, and then we will be doing one in january at the spice box in seattle. that is where i took my recent workshop to learn some tricks with my new sword. that will be my next project...a sword choreography! i think i have the music already chosen, but indecisive that i am, it may change!


Erika's Chiquis said...

beautiful! All that hand work.

Jewels said...

Love the costume, and that last shot is awesome. I can't get over all those gorgeous skirts hanging from the rafter! I WANT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!! lol!

Bemused Boomer said...

i want to come see you at the Spice Box Jan, 10. Haven't seen you dance since your 1st performance. I bet you're lots more relaxed now!

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