Friday, December 19, 2008

today i got out of the house, and into downtown was very icy but still very pretty. i got this photo of the 'bon marche' star, i always love seeing it up. we took my daughter to her company christmas party, so she wouldn't have to drive her little car on the still snowy/icy freeways.

as we were on our way, there were traffic reports of a bus collision and one of the buses was hanging part way over the guard rail. when we were close to the site where the accident was, i was looking to the side of the freeway and saw news trucks, and said, "this must be where it happened...look, news trucks!" and my daughter told me, "we past it, it was back there on the OTHER side!" i am just sooo 'observant' sometimes! lol!
it was nice to get out for a bit, but it was so bitingly icy cold! and very slippery! we walked about a bit, and then had a bite to eat at westlake plaza, and then got home to warmness and a mug of mexican hot chocolate. we are supposed to get even more snow this weekend...i don't know how people do it that have it all winter.

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