Sunday, December 14, 2008

we got snow last night! i went to seattle and took a friend to see a bellydance show featuring ariellah, and we had tickets for weeks, so i was looking with total dismay at the first flying flakes yesterday afternoon! (i DON'T drive in snow!) we bought some chains for my car, just in case, and went on to the show anyway. it was terrific, and when it was over, the snow was coming down pretty good, but not sticking yet.
by the time we got back over to the eastside where i live, it was sticking, and my friend still had to get farther north! she finally got home safely too, and then by midnight last night, this is what it looked like in my is very pretty, when you don't have to go anywhere! it is starting to melt pretty quickly this morning, but they are forecasting some pretty cold days to come this week. good thing for me that i don't have to poke my nose out to go anywhere, but hubby and my girls hafta go to work...and i worry about them all driving on those icy roads.


tlc illustration said...

Yes, it is pretty darn cold, isn't it?!!

All of your costumes look luscious. You are lucky to have found such a fitting passion.

rochambeau said...

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas Cindirella.
Keep Dancing my dear! And creating your sparkling magic!