Saturday, January 24, 2009

for the love of bread

i love bread...i REALLY love bread! every time i try to lose weight, that is the last thing i will give up. giving up bread is just a no go for me! i love tortillas, here are some that i made, and i have been making these since i was a kid, so i make pretty good tortillas. no store-bought tortillas for this girl! (o.k., so in an emergency i would eat a store-bought tortilla...hee, hee!)

and i love beignets...these are just fine to make out of the box. the cafe du monde ones are just as fabulous as the ones that need to sit overnight!

i think you an guess how i feel about scones...mmm. pink sugar sprinkled ones,

almond scones and date-nut scones,
and pumpkin scones.

here is an amish friendship bread cupcake/muffin that i make sometimes...i eat these till i am sick! i usually put choclate chips and coconut into them, that's why i am not sure whether to define them as a cupcake or muffin!

and then, there is the best of all...pan dulce! heavenly. i don't ever make this myself though, and i don't know of anyone in my family, not even my grama, that has ever tried to.

not only does bread taste really good, it is fun (and theraputic!) to make. there were times that i was really worked up about something and needed to make dinner, and made tortillas to go with the time they were done cooking, after all the kneading and rolling, and turning, i was all mellowed out and happy again! then, you get to EAT your therapy!
i actually have a bread machine, one of those monsters that sit on the counter and eat up a ton of space, and i have used it a few times, but it's really not the same. there isn't the same satisfaction of the bread machine bread for me. sure it tastes tastes like fresh home-baked bread, but it is such a boxy, brick-shaped loaf of bread, and i don't think i have the settings right, since it still comes out a little darker than i like. and there is zero therapy factor with the bread pummeling the big blob of dough into submission, that's the part that gets all the aggression out!

so, with all the bread love, i have another great blog to share...a bread blog! it is called for the knead for bread. cute huh!? i go over to that blog, and just get hungry! then i want to bake bread! go have a look too, and see if you don't get hungry! i think that i want to try the crackle bread, and the corn jalapeno lava bread too. they both sound very delicious. i think i made myself hungry now just writing this!


tlc illustration said...

Mmmmm - pumpkin scones! (my personal homemade favorites are dried apricot-almond).

cinderelly said...

the only scones i have tasted that i did not kike were 'airline scones'...hubby started calling them 'stones' after that!