Thursday, January 15, 2009

i have been feeling like i don't have much of interest to say, so not many posts in 2009 so far. i have been working on some of my turkish scarf skirts like in a previous post, the last of 2008, but i also have gone back to jewelry-making again...i just love it so much! both the making and the jewelry. i made a few earrings, and was going to post pictures, and then post them in my etsy shop, but the camera batteries died...i will get more today and post those soon.

all it took to have the jewelry bug bite again, was "cleaning out" my bead closet. yeah, i neither cleaned it out, nor did i find what i was looking for, the thing that started the cleaning out process! but one pair of the earrings went as a gift to the lady that held the event this past weekend that we danced at, the spice box theatre. she really liked them, and was actually happy to find out that i made them! she said it makes them more special...that is nice to know! it was a fun time, too, dancing at this venue! i was a little apprehensive, as it was changed from the original spot where it was when we first booked it. it was now at a night club, on a raised stage, but it turned out to be quite less intimidating that i had thought! there was lighting on the stage that made it difficult to see the audience, so i could pretend they we not there! i could just pretend we were dancing in my little space downstairs where we practice, and always do pretty well! i haven't seen video of the performance yet, but hopefully it looks as good as we felt that night.
then after, we went to a place to have a late night bite, and it had 24 hour breakfast. we will definately be going back there, since the food was pretty good, and they had huge portions, always a neccessary thing for hubby. the place was called the hurricane cafe in seattle. anyway, we both liked it enough to decide to try it again, which does not ususally happen...that is just waaaay too long a story to get into!


Erika's Chiquis said...

just like me
working on jewelry
I've been working on this necklace.
Its taking awhile cause I'm using fabric, beading, wire, polymer clay and crochet on this.

tlc illustration said...

I get totally sucked in by the siren song of beads as well (can't seem to leave Micheal's without more beads-on-sale). I'm trying NOT to clean out the bead closet - I'll be stuck in there for days! finishing projects.

cinderelly said...

erika ~ i want to see it when it is done!

tara ~ have you been to the new bead shop at country village? it is pretty good, and the owner is very nice!