Tuesday, February 10, 2009

i got psyched..or is it "sike!"

remember that? when we were kids, someone told you something, and gets you to believe one thing, and then they went, "sike! fooled you!" well, i think that's what my garden did! i was out talking to my neighbor this past week, and we were looking at our yards discussing the dismal nature they were in after all the winter snows (mine sooo much more than her's! her house is usually the one pictured in the some of the snow pictures i have posted in the past, since she is right across the street, and her yard is always so tidy) but we were happily noticing some of the plants budding out, both thinking 'spring cannot be far behind'! my lilac bush has tiny leaves on it, and my roses are covered with little buds starting to come out. the hydrangea i thought was surely dead, also has leaves coming out. and then, it came...

more snow. well, i can't complain so much...i have seen pictures of other places like saskatchewan and ontario that has snow over the height of the roof! amazing! how do people do it when there is so much snow!?! we get this little bit, and i can't even get the car out of the driveway! lol! a mustang is definately not a snow vehicle! i am thinking when the spring comes, i will be able to start with a fresh canvas, so to speak, since many of the things in my yard don't appear to have made it. but maybe, spring will come and they will pop up and go, "sike! here i am!"

i can hope! i think gardeners are ever the optomists, always knowing that spring brings fresh hope.


Bemused Boomer said...

I hope lots of plants do pop back up. I fear the long freeze in December took a toll, even on some native plants (rhodies) that have been around for years.

The tiny bush that grew huge and mercifully hid the utility boxes in the front yard of our house didn't make it. It's been there for 15 years! It wasn't the most attractive plant (and is even less so, now that it's dead!), but it covered those hideous green boxes. It will be a nasty job to get it out, now.

I hope none of your plants do that to you! :P

tlc illustration said...

I've been heartened by the work I've done in the yard the last couple of sunny days we've had - way more things are budding out than I had expected. Maybe not so much winter damage after all!

(I got everything pruned. I'm feeling very virtuous).