Wednesday, February 04, 2009

tuesday nights are the best!

has anyone else been watching this show, "fringe"? i LOVE this show! it is like a freaky x-files, which i also loved at the beginning seasons, before it became totally about conspiracies. i like the interesting characters, but especially walter bishop, the scientific genius that spent several years in a mental institution until this government group decided it required his special brand of services. his son, peter is necessary to the plot, because without his permission, walter would not have been allowed out, and peter is required to "babysit" his father while he is out of the institution. but they have been estranged for a long time, and peter has a shady background also, so their relationship is odd, but they work together very well. and we often find out that peter's father ofter used him in his 'experiments' when he was a child! then, there are of course the government agents that are investigating the weird phenomenon, and sometimes the good guys are not always the good guys they seem to be! except for agent olivia dunham, she is always a 'good guy'! and know i love those tough girls! and charlie...i think charlie will always be a good guy, at least i want him to be, i like charlie.

the characters are only some of the interesting parts of the show...there is weird stuff happening all the time, and that is what the government group investigates, the weird stuff. i am totally hooked on this show, but it is a little too weird for my family. they don't do the sci-fi much anyway, they want 'believable'. sometimes reality isn't very believable, and you don't want it to be real anyway! one really good thing is, during 'fringe', the commercials are shown for only 60 or 90 seconds! how cool is that?!


Erika's Chiquis said...

Is this on cable?
Have basic cable and the only t.v. show I watch is NCIS.

tlc illustration said...

Yes, this is part of that scifi addiction thing I was talking about. :-) I will try almost any new genre show. I am enjoying this one, esp. Walter Bishop, as you have discussed. (Also loved that Olivia got to punch and kick her way out of the warehouse where she had been taken. Nice to see her proactive and not a damsel in distress type).

cinderelly said...

erika ~ it is on the fox network i think. maybe it is cable, since my sister cannot get it. (she is without cable)

tara ~ yes, i do love the sci-fi! i too, love that she can kick butt, kind of why i love sarah conners chronicles as well! no wimpy girls. and in real life, i read that 'olivia' (anna torv) and 'john scott' (mark valley) married!