Sunday, August 02, 2009


today we went to the home of some friends of my hubby's, and watched the blue angels flying over lake washington. it was so awesome....i love those blue jets!

they flew so low over the house a few times, you could read all the letters and numbers on the side...if it had bee turned the other way we would have seen the pilots face! it is still every bit as exciting to see them fly as it was when we used to go to see them in lemoore at the naval air station when i was a kid. they had a free airshow every year and we would go to watch, standing right at the edges of the airstrip! it was the coolest thing ever.
it was a fun day, it was fabulous weather, maybe a bit warm, but the location was fantastic! the friends home is right on the water, and i believe i got a pretty good tan today as well!

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