Sunday, August 16, 2009

seattle public library

we had heard the new seattle public library was a really cool building, but we had not yet checked it out. (even though it isn't really "new" anymore!) so today, it was turning out to be a really nice day, too nice to stay in and do something as boring as clean the garage, or the kitchen! we decided to drive out and go do something interesting in seattle. we went and parked at the library and walked through it, and it was pretty cool! it is really big and open, and we went up to this floor where the meeting rooms are, and the walls were all reds and was really sort of weird, but in a good way. i think it would make a fun place to shoot some kind of movie! we read something somewhere that they painted the bathrooms a bright chartruese, because they wanted to discourage the homeless from staying in there too long, like camping out. it was also in the elevators, but the funny thing was, i kinda liked the bright green! i don't think that theory would work on everyone!

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tlc illustration said...

I toured the library awhile back for the same reason. Found it interesting, but not earthshattering (too grey/concrete/brushed chrome for me... Too industrial? Books need warm, homey surroundings!).

That red third floor - felt kind of like being inside blood vessels or some other internal structure to me. :-)(not a bad thing). Have seen too many scifi movies?