Sunday, August 16, 2009

view from the top...seattle library continued

here is the view from the library's top level available to the public...i have to say, it was enough to make me dizzy, i am not good with heights, and it seemed very high up! this is the tenth floor, looking down on the 2nd floor, i believe. very spooky! you can see more about the library here, the site tells you about the building, and has a link for a virtual tour also. there were lots of computers in this place...more computers than i have ever seen anywhere, and they were all being used by people at the time we were there.

they had a little gift shop too, and i found a nice calendar book for next year, that had pages that were all from nancy drew bookcovers. i read most of the nancy drew books when i was a kid, and i have several that i have collected over the years, before they started to be pretty hard to find, and when i did find them, they were pretty pricey. (i was always looking for the older ones with the blue covers). anyway, it was the last one they had, and i figured i would not find another so i got day planners are my "brain" for the most part these days. if it isn't written down, fuggetaboutit. i know i will, anyway!

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