Saturday, September 05, 2009

bottling the brew

two weeks ago, while my son was visiting, we brewed a batch of beer, and it has been working for the past two weeks in the hall closet. tonight, we siphoned it into a big container to remove the sediments, and then bottled it. okay, so my son is the one who did it all...i am just helping, as it is my first time brewing beer! it is really interesting!
here is the siphoning part...there was a bit of sediment left at the bottom of the container after. it would have made the beer all cloudy.

here is my son siphoning the beer a second time, into the sterilized beer bottles.

here is the first bottle of beer all capped and ready to rest for another two weeks...then we shall give it a try. we did try it while we were bottling it, it was pretty decent, but needed bubbles. we will make some mexican food and try it out when the resting time is up!

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Gina said...


I know it has been awhile re: the blog comments! Hope you are well!

Good on you and your son! Bet the beer is wonderful! Way to go!

God Bless.