Friday, September 18, 2009

lovely days

i love this time of year. the days are nice, and a perfect temperature. the evenings have a little crispness in the air...the air even kinda smells better. there are fruits and veggie ripening and the farmers markets are full of yummy, fresh produce. my herbs in my herb garden are doing quite well.

i went outside a few days ago and look at what my grapes look like! unbelievable! this is the first year that they have done that, and i planted them about ten years ago!

but they have inhabitants...

i 'saved' my daughter from one of those gigantor size spiders yesterday...not the garden spiders like in the photo above, but those creepy, scary big black ones, like this one below. we were looking at another big garden spider on the porch, but then this other came crawling...very fast! i screamed and hit him over and over with a broom. over and over, 'cause it took about five hits to make him stop! can you see the little normal size spider above him? that is the thing i hate about fall...the giant spiders! how do they all get soooo big?!

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