Tuesday, October 20, 2009

i blogged about this alteration a while back and had intended to finish up with another post when i finished it. it was quite a fun and challenging alteration! here are some of the before shots of the jacket, before the taking apart phase.

it had some really big, puffy leg o' mutton style sleeves, that were 3/4 length, and we thought it would look better with longer, less poufy sleeves. but the ends of the sleeves had an interesting trim on the cuffs, so carefully i took those off, and set them aside to re-attach on the longer sleeves.
the coat had been lined at some time, but it was so old and fragile, that it had basically just disintegrated! so we also re-lined the coat as well. it has some really beautiful braided trim all over it and those tiny jet buttons were just so exquisite.

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