Sunday, October 18, 2009

dakmar's bustle skirt

my dance partner recently had a birthday, and she pointed out an item we saw recently at the "bellydance superstars" show, and said, "i want one of those!", so it made it easy for me to figure out a birthday present! it was a bustle similar to this, that we saw on one of the dancers, and i had tons of black fabric in my stash, so i came up with this version of a bustle skirt. i posted it on the website cut out + keep too, as a version. i had a similar thing favorited that is also very cute! she has a pattern and directions on her link, so you can make one too, if you so choose! i had forgotten the pattern was there, and just made up my own... it was only a few half circles of fabric trimmed with lace, attached to a waistband. the only thing that mattered though, was my dance partner, dakmar, LOVED it! so happy!

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By Way of Salem said...

Love the bustle!