Tuesday, October 06, 2009

grape harvest

this weekend we went out and picked all the grapes...my son helped me, since some of them were up very high in the tree! he used to help my grandmother pick her grapes like this and she used to make them into grape jam also. she makes the best grape jam...it isn't grape jelly, (which i am not at all a fan of) all clear and the consistancy of jello, it is thick and dark and delicious.
heh, heh, it looked like a grape tree! there were several bunches of grapes that were completely empty, so some of the woodland critters that inhabit our neighborhood were helping themselves. that's okay, we had plenty! i made three pints of grape jam, and i still have enough juice that i put in the freezer for about the same amount. i ran out of sugar! tonight i will have make some biscuits or scones to give it a try...not that i didn't taste it quite a lot while making it!

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ButtercupElffly said...

YUMMY!!!! I did a bunch of plum jam this year