Friday, October 09, 2009

Horror classics tribute

i love old horror movies, and one of my very favorites is "the phantom of the opera"! i have about four or five versions of the movie, but my absolute favorite is the one with herbert lom as the phantom. and it has this music that i just adore. i had looked for it to get it for my cell's ringtone, but i did not know what it was named! i only knew it was phantom of the opera music. (it was also on the old "rollerball" and the "tales of the crypt" movies from the 70' sad that i know that!) then, i was watching one of my favorite shows, "castle" and his cell phone rang, and his ringtone was? you guessed it! well, i decided to do some research, and to make a long story short, (yeah, i know...too late!) i found my song is called "toccata and fugue in d minor" by bach. so now i have it on my phone! but it is for the rest of the year...for october until halloween, i have something "spooky"!

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