Sunday, October 11, 2009


a couple of nights ago, i watched the old 80's movie "witchboard". it is kinda dumb, but i guess interesting enough, since i had seen it before, and watched again!

i find the ouija board really interesting, i like the way it looks, and the idea that you can contact a "ghost". i have one, but never use it 'cause it seems kinda scary, and a little dangerous to mess the movie, they bring a malevolent spirit into their lives, and that just seems too creepy! i had one when i was a kid, my grandmother bought it, and we used to "play" with it a lot. she always insisted she was not moving the planchette (the little triangle thing that spells out words)

and i know i wasn't. the one i have now is the same as the one grama bought, a parker brothers "william fuld" style, but i got mine from a yard sale, and it is from the 70's. it has a plastic planchette, and i think the one we had as a kid had a wooden one.

i have this website bookmarked, the museum of talking boards, and it has lots of good info about ouija boards, and a gallery of old ones that is just fascinating...some are just gorgeous works of art! here is another cool site by vampirahna, that has some more interesting information regarding "witchboards", and more photos too. (that is where i found the planchette photo, and so then her website.) someday, i may paint one for myself, just because i want a beautiful one that is wooden. i wonder if that gives it some good energy to make one yourself? i sometimes play with the idea of painting it onto my coffee table, it would look pretty there, but hopefully it would not make any spirits angry!

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