Friday, November 27, 2009

now that birthdays and thanksgiving are finally behind us, i can focus on our next performance and costumes.  especially since it is only a WEEK away!  o.k., not panicking YET.  but here is part of my costume, i have gotten a little farther on it since i took the photo, and will hopefully finish it tonight.  then, all i will have to worry (focus?) on will be remembering the choreograpy.  i am loving our songs, too.  'salio el sol' by don omar, and 'raqs africa'.  i will put the youtube for one, 'salio el sol', below.  i will put a better picture of our costumes when i finish mine.  dakmar's top and belt look like this...

we are going for a cowrie shell, animal print look, and mine has silver coins and a little different design in my head for the top, and the belts are a little different too.  but together they look great...different, but still matching!  i like when we look a little cabaret (her), and a little tribal (me!)!  'kay, off to practice and sew...especially since i will have the adorable babies here this weekend!

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