Saturday, January 09, 2010

fascinating film

i saw this documentary this week, and i was completely fascinated by it.  architect michael reynolds builds these fabulous living spaces in new mexico, out of things that most people throw away.  he takes old tires, plastic bottles, and cans and makes them into homes.

in some of the spaces, the bottles are not only visible in the rooms, but they look like jewels set into the walls, sometimes glowing with colors as the sun shines through them.  the homes are also self-sustainable and completely independant of power and water companies, and county sewers.  the houses are built in such a way that they are kept cool in the summer and warm in the winters, and the temperature is always around 70 degrees indoors, without heaters or air conditioners to waste energy.

i have watched it a few times now.  the first time, i watched it and then right after, i watched it all over again!  it was so amazing to me that the houses were built of such simple things, and no power or water bills...ever.  i love the shapes of the homes too, they look more like artwork.  and they even have space dedicated to growing cool to have a greenhouse right in your home!  wouldn't it be wonderful if more homes could be built like this?  we could save so many of the planets resources that are in danger of becoming in short supply.  it is coming on the sundance channel again this weekend, if you get a chance, maybe try to watch it.


Jewels said...

I haven't seen the documentary, but did catch an episode on him on A&E once. Fascinating! I'm all for it! I think this is what today's society should aspire to.
In this mass-producing, mass-consuming, instant gratification, throwaway society, we NEED Garbage Warriors like him!

Bemused Boomer said...

Very cool.

When I was about 13, there was an article in the paper about an elderly woman in Death Valley who built a home with walls and walkways made of bottles in dirt. I wanted one so badly, I tried to build a bottle walkway in my little garden in the back yard. Dude! It takes a ton of bottles and a LOT of patience to build even a little of that! I finally gave up. Glad to see someone tamed the technology!

cinderelly said...

we saw some bottle houses in death valley long ago also! they were so cool!

Megan said...

That's beautiful stuff! I will def. try to watch this.