Tuesday, January 19, 2010

new book by kendra

i want this book!  it seems i have been aquiring a collection of bellydance books.

this one looks like a good one to add, and also it is written by kendra, one of the members of the northwest's original dark experimental bellydance troupe, "hands of kali".  if you have never seen them, check out a youtube of one of their performances by clicking here.  (i sooo love those dangerous swords!)

but kendra is not the only literary member of the troupe, there is another writer in the troupe with a book... maureen has one out too, and you can check her's out also.  her book is called "scar flowers".  i read the exerpt, and i would love that book as well.  it sounds very dark and sexy...i love that! i plan to pick them both up soon, when i have i little extra spending money.

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