Monday, February 15, 2010

Elton John Bennie and the Jets- Muppet show

yesterday i was looking at sesame street youtubes of my favorite artists, and i couldn't stop smiling for a long while after! so, i decided i will post a muppets youtube every monday, and call it "muppet monday"...everyone needs a smile on mondays! so today for the first muppet monday, here is elton john and the muppets singing my all time favorite song, "bennie and the jets". (i even have this song as a ringtone on my cellphone!)


The Sewphist said...

So, is Muppets Monday a regular thing on your blog? I think it's an awesome idea if it is!

Bemused Boomer said...

I love a theme! I love the muppets! You are the coolest!

cinderelly said...

elisabeth ~ yes, the muppets is supposed to be a regular thing, thanks! i have missed a couple of times, though.

susan ~ thanks! the muppet s make me smile, i thought they might make my two readers smile too! lol!