Sunday, March 21, 2010

new post and it doesn't even have a youtube!

i have been getting kinda lazy in the blogging i guess...i noticed most of the last couple of months nearly everything in posted was a youtube of some kind! 

the first day of spring here was a beautiful day, and i went outside and took pictures to post, then ran out of time to write and post them.  not a lot of stuff is blooming in my garden yet, and i lost a lot of flowering stuff when we had the snow two winters ago.  but my herbs are all starting to pop out, and my rhubarb is growing out of it's container, and has a big bud at the top.  i don't know what a rhubarb flower looks like, so i am going to let it bloom!

all kinds of little green things are popping up in places i don't remember planting them last year, and the grape muscari are just everywhere.  the babies love to make bouquets of them, and put them in little vases.

i buy an amaryillis bulb every year, and this is what this year's bloom looked like...the second time it bloomed!  they usually only bloom once, and this one had two flower stalks on it! (it is a little beat up, because it became top-heavy and tipped over once.)

for st. paddy's day, my son made a big ole batch of corned beef and cabbage with potatoes and carrots.  i made some soda bread and we ate way too much again!  he just cooks too good! and of course, he brought beer too!  he brought guinness, his favorite, but he also brought some of his home brew.  it went fabulously with the dinner.  he is getting really good at the brewing!

o.k., now i'm hungry.

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