Sunday, April 18, 2010

it is so spring-like out today, i love it!  hubby is outside cutting the grass and it smells so good!  the flowers in the garden are starting to bloom so pretty too.   i love it when the violets start to pop out...they grow like weeds here, and so some consider them, i guess.  i have a friend that rips every single one she finds, out of her garden!  i tried for years to plant violet seeds in california, only to have them sprout, and then get totally fried in the heat, no matter how hard i tried to keep them watered.
i am taking a moment to write this, before getting ready to prepare to go dance at this restaurant again, with my lovely dance partner dakmar!  here we are dancing last year, and it has since been remodeled and changed owners, so not sure what to expect...except fun!

o.k., so i gotta run and throw some paint on my nails...i have couple colors to choose from. hee, hee!  well, a few shades of pinks, anyway!  so now you know my awful secret...i am a sucker for a new nail polish!  but it is a cheap addiction!

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