Friday, May 21, 2010

anticraft flask cosy

when i first started to bellydance, it never, ever thought i would get up in from of people and dance!  so when i joined the troupe and we actually did perform, it was really scary!

i felt like this the first time, unbalanced like the world was rushing around, and filled with adrenaline.  so it seemed like a good thing to me to have a flask to put in my costume bag to have a little something to take the edge off when we had to get up on stage.

so i went on ebay, and bought a little tiny silver flask like this.

but then, i was looking on the 'the anticraft' website, and i saw these directions on how to make a cover for  your flask!  so i made a cover for mine, and then i made a cover for my son's too.  it took so little fabric and was great!  then, i made a second one for my flask, in case i wanted a change!  and because i have soooo many fabric scraps i could use up this way!

this is my son's flask and cover.  my son was in the Marines, so i found this cool fabric that was awesome and i had made him a bbq apron from.  so after making the apron, there was only a tiny bit left, but the was just enough to make a cover from.

here is the opens with a strip of velcro, and has elastic at the top and bottom to hold the flask inside.  my son's flask is a bigger sized one than mine...and i keep misplacing mine.  that is why i am using the photo of his, and not mine...i could not find it to take a picture of it!   i no longer need a sip of something before a performance, so i usually put it "in a safe place" and then cannot locate it for long stretches of time!  so i think i will need to get myself one of these babies here.  i love it!  it is brilliant!

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