Friday, May 28, 2010

my most favorite movie ever...

sometimes, while i am working, i put in a dvd to have some background noise, since usually it is pretty quiet in the house, and the kitties (usually) don't talk much. so this week, i put "blade runner" on to play... three times!  today, i just had to sit a watch the whole thing, so i didn't get much done today! but i just love this movie!

i watched it the first time with my dad, shortly after it came out on videotape. he loved sci-fi movies, so i watched many of the old sci-fi things with him. i remember he had it on one of those laser discs, the precurser to dvd's...they were so big! like the size of an know, a record. i know, i'm old.

so, i had never seen it on the big screen, even though i had probably watched untold many times.  then, they played it in seattle at the newly remodeled cinerama, and me and hubby went to go see it.  he was not a big fan of the sci-fi genre (yet!) but went ahead and took me to see it, and also to get the chance to check out the theatre.  it was most awesome!  the theatre was beautiful, the restoration was truly amazing.  i especially liked the tiny lights in the ceiling in the theatre a million tiny stars!  well, hubby actually liked the movie, and after that he actually started to be a little more interested in some sci-fi.  (he totally loves the series "v" right now!) by the way, the cinerama is owned by paul allen, who also owns the emp/sci-fi museum in seattle too.  the sci-fi museum has a lot of really cool exhibits, and some great exhibits of 'blade runner' stuff too.

i don't really know what it is about this movie that i love so much, but i named my daughter after the character "rachael", even though i spelled it differently.  i thought at the time that sean young was the most beautiful actress ever.

my daughter doesn't quite appreciate that she was named from a character in this movie, but i think if she had ever seen it, she might like it better that i did not name her after "zora" or "pris"!  rachael's character had great clothes in the movie some kind of retro, 40's looking outfits.

the look of the movie is one of the things i love...the architecure was terrific, with the building that harrison ford's character, "deckard" lived in that looked like a frank lloyd wright building.  and the tyrell corporation bulding was just so cool... a pyramid looking, sparkling in the darkness of the futuristic landscape, kind of truncated tower thing.  the j.f. sebastion character lived in the crumbling, leaking, but still glorious, bradbury building, with all his 'friends'.  the look of the twinkling lights in the dark landscape designed by syd mead were fantastic.

i think my favorite scene in the whole movie was this...but i don't think i was alone in that opinion after seaching youtubes for this, there were many others who thought so too.

such a beautiful sound track on this movie.  i was not a big fan of the vangelis "chariots of fire" song that was so big way back in the day, but i definately love the 'blade runner' music.  after seeing "blade runner", i became a big fan of rutger hauer as well.  (he can be so spooky in some of his "the hitcher"!)  i thought that edward james olmos look was very interesting, with the blue eyes...i loved the origami and stick figures he made through the movie.  i actually saw him once in real life, at the college where i was attending.  he was speaking there, and i came out the doors just as he and his 'entourage' were coming in! i was quite thrilled to just see him, but it turned out my son actually got to hear the speech he made at the event!  too cool.

so, there you go...i do love this movie.  but i have the 'director's cut' dvd.  not sure that i like it as much as the version where "deckard" is narrating in the movie. i will have to get that one as well, and figure that out!

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