Tuesday, June 08, 2010

belly dancer usa weekend

this weekend we went to vend at belly dancer usa in canyonville, oregon.  it was held here at the seven feathers casino.  i was pretty impressed with this enormous sculpture of this beautiful eagle!

we got there on friday afternoon, and set up the ottoman bellydance boutique booth,

and then on saturday morning, the dance competition began.  there were lots of sparkly things to look at!  the audience had other vendors all around the outer edges of the competiton area to tempt them with the beautiful bellydance goods!  i bought a gold beaded lame hip scarf i have been coveting for some time now.

all the competitors were so beautiful, and very talented.  i would not have wanted to be a judge, and have to try to figure out who to chose as the best!  we had a great seats, here was the view from our booth!  these ladies are waiting to find out which one will be crowned miss belly dancer usa from the professional category.  they were ALL amazing!

then the drive home the next morning, we were lucky and had a quite nice day to drive back.  when we left there was a lovely mist in the tree tops, and also some sun breaks from time to time.

we stopped at this rest stop and the river looked so pretty i had to take a photo of the high, fast running water.  it is so nice when "work" feels so much like a vacation!

i did miss putting up a 'muppet monday' youtube, but i promise one for this monday coming up!


Wendy the (Very) Good Witch said...

Ooh...love all the costumes. That is my favorite part about the dance...looking at those beautiful costumes and the beautiful dance!

Jeanne said...

How fun! I always wanted to learn how to belly dance!