Sunday, June 20, 2010

first pinata

today my son came over with the babies and we introduced them to the concept of a pinata. a few months ago, i was shocked to find out they had never heard of one yet...inconcievable!  here they are with 'papa' stringing up the candy-filled pinata we got them.

so we got a "dora the explorer" pinata...this was not without some discussion on how weird it was going to be to "whack" dora!  they had some cute monkey ones too, but the same discussion came up about the idea of beating a monkey to death, so we decided it did not really matter, dora was the cutest, so we just got over our 'squeamishness'. ;]

they took turns taking numerous smacks at her, first hannah, then emily.

oh yeah, we left out the part about it being full of candy!  they were thrilled to find that out!

but poor decapitated dora!  i really don't know who had more fun, the grownups or the kids! but really, next time, we will be getting one of those traditional star shaped ones from a mexican tienda!

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Rue said...

Lol - love that last pic - poor Dora!