Wednesday, June 02, 2010

glittery costumes and crop circles

for the past couple of weeks i have been working on these glitter-dot skirts and today i finally finished them and took them to the shop!

these were some of the other skirts i made...glittery velvet with matching opera-length gauntlets, very elegant, don't you think?

also these sparkly skirts with matching arm covers...they are so sparkly, that even when there is not much light, they still glitter beautifully.

this purple and blue fabric was my very favorite!  all of these items are destined to travel with us this weekend to Belly Dancer USA this weekend in oregon!

even with all the sewing, i found a nice sun-break this weekend and got out into the garden to get my tiny squash plants into the ground finally!  i call these my version of "crop circles"!

i planted the whole packet of these summer squash...i think every single seed must have grown a plant, there were so many seedlings!  i also planted a few 'cinderella' pumpkins, and also some pumpkins for halloween, of course!  squash plants galore!  thankfully, my son has a garden and took some of the little plants home to his garden.  my family and friends may start to avoid me if i get a bumper crop of squash this year! 

last year my mom had these monsters growing in her garden!  they made wonderful zucchini bread, though! i posted the recipe here back then.


Anonymous said...

wow. gorgeous outfits!! love checking in here to see what you're working on!

anne frasier

Don said...

Great stuff. Love your 'crop circles'