Tuesday, August 24, 2010

here we are after our performance on gypsy days...a better shot of us, taken by photographer tatsuki kobayashi.

a workshop at emerald sanctuary
next up, i get to go on our annual bellydance camp retreat!  i leave thursday and i am so excited!  we have a lot of fun, but we do work really hard too.  there are dance workshops all day, and it is usually pretty warm, as it is located in eastern washington.  but the evenings, we get to let loose and dance! 

one of the emerald sanctuary instructors, the beautiful aubre hill

there is a hafla in the evenings, which is a dance party with performances, and everybody shows their moves.  the retreat is great fun!  there are lakes in which to swim, and also hiking too, i am told...i don't do the hiking.  although this year, i might give it a try.  in years past i only brought sandals, but i will bring proper shoes and take a look at the trails.  there are beautiful rocks there, and i would like a view from the top!

one of the rock formations around camp

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