Wednesday, August 11, 2010

wonder woman!

my hubby is the best.  he knows that i love superhero movies, so for my birthday coming up, (in november) he has been planning a birthday party for me.  a costume party no less, with a superhero theme!  how cool is that!?!  it is going to be the big 5-0 for me, so i guess he felt it should be done up big.  for his, we went on a family trip to disneyland, since they 'came to be' the same year, and disney had the big 50th anniversary that year.  oh yeah, and he bought himself a new car. ha, ha!

so it was actually my hubby's idea that i am wonder woman for my 50th birthday, and thankfully, this year they gave her an updated look!  i think i can pull off this look at 50, but not so much the old style

wonder woman look here!  no one wants to see that much of me!

one of the other great things he is planning is he has hired one of my bellydancer friends to give a special performance that night as well.  she is a beautiful dancer and i love her to bits!  we are going to have it at an indian restaurant we sometimes perform at, masala.  i have posted about performing there in the past, i think. 

well, since my birthday is so close to halloween, i may just have to wear my wonder woman costume for halloween as well this year!

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