Sunday, September 19, 2010

workshop with Sabine

i have admired this dancer and her dangerous swords for some time now, and yesterday i finally got the opportunity to take a workshop from her at ottoman trading company at the annual Totally Tribal hafla.  it was lots of fun and she had lots of great information.  it was a totally fun day altogether.  after the workshops, (there were three...beginning sword, intermediate sword, and double sword)  there was a dance show with lots of beautiful, fun, dancers.  there was rain in the forecast, and it started as a perfect sunny day, then, it got a little overcast, then A LOT, and towards the end of the show, the dark clouds crowded in.  it had a few raindrops here and there, and just as sabine, who was the finale, was finishing up the last notes of her last song, the rain let loose!  it was pretty perfect timing!

here is a photo we took of me and my friend, with sabine and our 'dangerous swords'!  they are not "battle ready", (sharpened) as that would just be foolish, and way too dangerous to dance with them that way, as even the best dancer can have the occasional slip of the sword.  but the point is still pretty sharp!  it is interesting to have all those sharp, pointy swords in one room.  not sure which made me more nervous, the thought of being stuck with a sword by someone else, or to accidentally get someone with my sword!  hope not to ever find out!

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