Sunday, October 03, 2010

across the whoniverse got reviewed!

the show was wonderful!  i went to see it on friday night with several of our friends.  we went out to dinner before, and then went to the show, and it was just great!  i was so proud of the girls when they came out in the costumes i made, and their performance was just amazing!    they just looked so beautiful, but i must admit i am a little biased, since i love them anyway!

lindsey, alexandra, and katie as daleks
the daleks came out as the second performance, and they were just amazing.  the music was beautiful and the dance was terrific!

alexandra as "leela" and anton drumming
then, later in the show, alexandra came out in the "leela" costume i made for her, and our friend anton drummed while she danced.  it was pefect, and she looked amazing in the costume!

 backstage fun!

here is a backstage was just too cute!  the show ran for two nights, and there was a review written up here about the show.  the "designer" of the dalek costumes got a "hats off"...i was so happy to read it!  my very first review!

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