Thursday, October 14, 2010

cool candy

my family jokes that i don't watch anything that doesn't involve a dead body.  to some extent they are correct.  right now one of my current faves is dexter.  if you are not familiar with the show, the main character, dexter works for the miami police department as a blood expert, but he has a darker side that is a serial killer who takes out bad people that slip through the judicial cracks, so to speak.  i have loved this show since the first season, so when i saw these blood slide candy suckers on this blog this morning, i just had to share them!  so check them out and see what you think...i think they are wonderfully creepy!  the blog is pretty interesting too!

 new episodes of dexter on showtime on sunday nights

again, if you are not familiar with dexter, after he kills his victim, he takes a drop of blood and puts it on a glass lab slide for a souvienir.  but don't worry...all of dexter's victims are pretty bad people, some serial killers themselves. 

another series i used to love to watch, that always had a dead body at the beginning, was six feet under.  it also had michael c. hall in it, who is the actor that plays dexter.  me and my daughter have been watching dexter, and netflix of the series six feet under together lately.  i seem to not be able to get enough of michael c. hall these days!

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