Tuesday, November 02, 2010


this year we performed at spooktacular!  we did a jazzy, fun set with henry mancini's Pink panther and our stray cat strut from last year...it was lots of fun!

we had hubbys in tow this time, and they took pics for us in our kitty costumes...pink panthers with a kind of 'gangster' twist! i made the costumes, all except for the hats,canes, and my vest. 

 sorry i missed muppet monday again...working on a deadline yesterday, so it totally slipped my mind.  hard to believe halloween is all over again till next year.  and now it's november...seems like once it is november the year just snowballs, and it's new year's before we know it!

oh yeah, it's election day...did you vote?  i did!  go out and vote if you have not already!

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