Friday, December 03, 2010

blast from the past...trip down nostalgia lane

jonny quest and race bannon fighting the bad guy!

these past couple of weeks on facebook, people have been posting their favorite cartoon characters as their profile pictures.  i chose space ghost as my profile pic, as did so love space ghost, even though my all time favorite cartoon was jonny quest!
it got me looking at some of my old saturday morning series and cartoons i used to love and watch! we LOVED the banana splits, and if you click on the link and watch, i must warn you, the theme WILL get stuck in your head for hours!  i STILL want a banana buggy!

some others that we loved were the monkees, h.r. pufinstuff, and batman!  this link for batman is awesome, it has them fighting ALL the bad guys!  i loved the way they had the fight words on the screen...POW! WHAM! BIFF!

this past summer i was asked to make some costumes for a show that was produced by some friends and it was based on dr who.  next year's show is going to be superheros themed, and they want me to make costumes for batman and batgirl!  what fun!  well, gotta go watch some more old shows on you tube.  i think youtube has become the greatest way to make hours and hours disappear!

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