Wednesday, February 02, 2011

crocheted lettuce?

i think i mentioned i joined the ravelry site finally, and i am so totally addicted now.  i have been trying to teach myself to knit and/or crochet off and on for years now, and i decided i WILL do it this time!  i am practicing my crochet this time, and here is a photo i shot of my WIP, (work in progress) a shawl, early on in it's progress.  it looked so much like a head of lettuce wrapped up like that!  i used to work as a field worker cutting lettuce many years ago...seems like another lifetime ago now. ( maybe it was.)  anyway, i am almost finished with this one. i have only to put fringe along the edges now.  i think maybe it needs beads on the fringe though.  everything looks better with beads!

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The Blue Faerie said...

That. Is. Awesome. :P