Monday, March 21, 2011

When Coffee is a Hassle Try 5-Hour Energy!

lately this commercial has been coming on...i find it mildly annoying. morning coffee, a hassle? i so love my morning coffee, i can't imagine someone thinking it is such a difficult thing to accomplish in the morning! i do admit, there are some mornings that i don't quite have the coherency to make coffee quite right the first time. i have forgotten to put in coffee, or water, or forgotten to turn on the power to the coffee maker, or forget to turn the stove on for hot water (for french press coffee). even with all those things that have happened, i don't think it can be described as a hassle. my morning coffee is one of my morning rituals, one i find quite pleasurable. i get my coffee going and start to read e-mails or blogs, and when my coffee is done (in less than 5 minutes, usually) i sit with the yummy, creamy, warm cup. when i settle down on the sofa, my kitties and the puppy usually come sit with me while i am on the laptop. everyone has already left for work by then, so the house is blissfully silent and i am warm and cosy with my furbabies around me until my coffee is gone and i am finally ready to get going and go downstairs and sew. maybe they should say the rushing out the door in the morning is the hassle, not the morning coffee!


The Blue Faerie said...

I've been confused about these commercials too. Who is SO busy that they absolutely can't function without their energy pills? I would think that would be where you take a step back an reevaluate your time.

I'm with your way of waking up, Cindy. Although, I don't have cats, so I wake up to see hamsters clinging onto the side of the cage door oozing cute. :P

Lyn said...

Oh I agree. Morning coffee can never be a bassle. I love the picture you've painted here of your cozy morning with the coffee and the 'furbabies'.